Keep Cycling Year Round - In The Mill Race Cyclery Sweat Shop

Train With a Coach or On Your Own
You can actually improve your cycling performance during the winter with focused training.

Mill Race Cyclery has an indoor training facility we affectionately call "The Sweat Shop".  The space is specifically designed to meet our customer's individual needs during the off season (any season when you can't bike outdoors is an off season in our book.)

What is CompuTraining?
  • CompuTraining vs Spinning
    • Computraining is done on the comfort of your own bicycle.  This allows you to focus on riding technicque and performance on your own road bike.  

  • What is CompuTraining and why is it for me?
    • CompuTrainer's® MultiRider system provides an exciting and technologically superior method of indoor group bike training and racing.
    • You will receive real time feedback on your wattage (power produced), cadence, and heart rate.  Computrainers focus on power whcih is the gold standard for professional athletes and training coaches.  

Train on Your Own Rates:

  • Train alone, with a friend, or a group.
    $10 per session (1.75 hour time slot) "drop in" during shop hours
    $12 per session (1.75 hour time slot) "drop in" after shop hours - four person minimum
    $80 per month unlimited (during shop hours)
    $90 per month unlimited (including after hour time slots)
    Click here to reserve your spot to train on your own or with a friend

Training Designed by 'Coach Darryl' from E2 Multisport

Looking for an experienced, professional coach that will help you focus on your fitness goals and achieve positive results?  Then you want to meet 'Coach Darryl' from E2 Multisport Training.

  • Monday/Wednesday night classes will fluctuate between computer generated power and athlete generated power. The two options complement your training. 
    • CompuTrainer generated power produces strength and power knowledge.
    • Athlete generated holds promotes awareness and self generated power consistency for improved riding outdoors. 
    • Brick work outs can be added before and/or after the Monday and Wednesday rides for those seeking brick sessions, destination races in the off season, or early spring races.

  • Monday/Wednesday evening - wheels down NEW 7:00 pm generally one hour to build upon base, strength, and technique.

  • Sunday morning long rides - wheels down 7:00 am will vary between course rides and coached designed workouts.

Coached Package Deals:

NEW SECOND SESSION  [January 2 - March 31]
Drop in rate $18
1 day a week (13 classes, additional $10 month bike storage) =  $200
2 days a week (25 classes, free bike storage $10 month value) = $375
3 days a week (37 classes  free bike storage $10 month value) = $500

Payment for coached classes will be made directly to E2 Multisport (see link below)

Click HERE to sign up for Mon/Wed/Sun Coached Classes

Click here to sign up for CompuTrainer time