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Bedding-In Disc Brakes

Your new bike is equipped with disc brakes, the best in stopping power during any weather.  
To ensure your new brakes perform at their best, they require a simple breaking-in process, or what bike mechanics like to call “bedding-in”.

Follow this recommended process:

  • Find a place to ride with plenty of room. Pedal at a moderate speed (about nine miles per hour). 
  • While sitting, apply the brakes evenly, without skidding, until speed drops to a walking pace.
  • Release the brakes while you’re still moving - and DO NOT COME TO A STOP. 
  • Repeat 10 times, increasing the speed slightly each time. You will feel brake power increasing with each repetition.  Be careful not to skid during the process.
  • Never come to a complete stop in the middle of the bedding-in process. The transfer layer applied to the rotor needs to be consistent, and coming to a stop may leave extra pad material in one spot on the rotor and cause noise later.
  • Enjoy your new bike!