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Bike Maintenance

Keeping your bike in top riding condition requires regular maintenance checks to ensure that it is running properly.

Bicycles ridden off road, or are heavily used or abused typically require more frequent andextensive service than road models.

Every ride
Every 500 miles
Check tire pressure & add air if needed
Maintain and lube your suspension components, cables and deraileur
Check the tire tread for wear and embedded debris that could cause a flat
Wipe the chain and cassette cogs clean with a rag and degreaser
Check that the wheel quick releases are tight and that the wheels are secure
Check the hubs, bottom bracket, headset; adjust and overhaul as needed.
Spin wheels looking for wobbles, which indicate you should have your wheel trued
Test with a wrench, the tightness of the: crankarms, pedals, chainring bolts, seat bolt, seatpost bolt, stem bolts, handlebar bolts and all accessory mounting bolts/screws
Squeeze brakes to make sure they are grabbing properly
Check the wheels for loose spokes
Check chain & add lube if it looks dry
Clean the bike with a rag and inspect the frame and components for signs of wear such as cracks
Make sure you have your spare tube, tools, air, etc.Check the cables for fraying and rusting
Check the cables for fraying and rusting